New Cutting on Body 4.5 Inch Hand pipe
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Size 4.5 Inch
Weight 130-140 Grams

Cutting on Body 4.5 Inch Hand pipe

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Glass pipe is another easy smoking accessory that is handmade by glass hand-blown process made by highly skilled artist. The raw material to make this pipe is Borosilicate Glass Tubes which is soft to blow with help of Oxygen and LP Gas. Depend on the size and weight, size and quality of pipe, a artist use all his skill to make it more beautiful and more practical for use. 

Features of the Product

-Special Inside out unique line color art. 

Super Thick, Extra Heavy weight and Best Finishing Pipe

-Average Size is 4 Inch

-Average Weight 130-140 Grams

-Inside Silver fuming All over the pipe

-Handcrafted by Nepali Artist made with Hand-blown method

Important Notes

  • If you are willing to buy big buy (Order in Case), we can offer you best rate so kindly send your inquiry. 
  • As this product is hand-blown, the length / weight / size / color might be slightly different than informed however our best effort always will be to be correct from all the aspect. 

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